Nature's Yoke Organic Eggs
165 North Shirk Road • New Holland, PA 17557

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Organic Eggs • Cage Free Eggs

Nature’s Yoke Organic and All Natural Eggs from Cage Free Hens

Think small family farms, organic eggs from cage-free hens, all-natural products. Think customer satisfaction and high quality eggs. It’s Nature’s Yoke Eggs!

Nature’s Yoke is all about bringing the best cage-free eggs from the heart of Amish country in Lancaster County, PA to homes in the city where families raising their own eggs is completely out of the question. We are here to practice and promote sustainable farming, where the whole family is involved, where the chickens live in a stress-free environment, where everything is 100% natural.

At Nature’s Yoke, we are dedicated to our customers, farmers, employees and our hens. By providing the best of care and nutrition for our hens, we ensure that they produce wholesome and delicious eggs. All our hens are cage-free, given every privilege to roam about, to peck and scratch at will and to live a happy and productive life. They lay the finest of eggs and we are here to give you the amazing opportunity to share in this nutritious goodness. Cage-free eggs. Nature’s Yoke.

Nature’s Yoke provides many options…the healthy choice!

Browse our eggs to find the egg that fits your choice. Learn about our Nature’s Yoke egg standards to see what sets us apart. Find a store to locate our eggs and complete the Nature’s Yoke experience! We will yoke you with nature. Nature’s Yoke Eggs!

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