The Company History of Nature’s Yoke

George Weaver Sr

George Weaver Sr. originally developed an egg business right here on our family’s farm in Pennsylvania over fifty years ago. All his eggs were produced directly on his farm and in 1962, he began selling to supermarkets in nearby cities. This arrangement lasted only a fairly short time as demand increased and the production from his flock proved insufficient. This is when he recruited more local farmers to join him in his venture and began selling their eggs to retailers as well.

In 1985, George Weaver Jr., the second generation egg enthusiast, entered the premium egg business. The demand for organic products was rising and George Jr. was eager to venture into a new branch of the business his father had established. His goal was to offer a value-added egg to his customers, something richer, better, more nutritious. And he did. The cage-free movement began and the company became certified organic in 1994, a substantial step in a good direction! In 2000, Nature’s Yoke was launched, our brand that was and still is committed to bringing quality farm fresh eggs, produced on small family farms, to the homes on the East Coast.

George Weaver III Family

George Weaver III represents the third generation of his family to be in the egg industry. Today he manages and maintains the workings of this company. He continues to build on the legacy of his grandfather and his father, focusing on quality and excellence, founded on integrity and wise stewardship. God has blessed Nature’s Yoke and we give all the glory to Him!