Nature’s Yoke Organic and All Natural Eggs from Cage Free Hens

Think small family farms, organic eggs from cage-free hens, all-natural products. Think customer satisfaction and high quality eggs. It’s Nature’s Yoke Eggs!

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Nature’s Yoke is all about bringing the best cage-free eggs from the heart of Amish country in Lancaster County, PA to homes in the city where families raising their own eggs is completely out of the question. We are here to practice and promote sustainable farming, where the whole family is involved, where the chickens live in a stress-free environment, where everything is 100% natural.

At Nature’s Yoke, we are dedicated to our customers, farmers, employees and our hens. By providing the best of care and nutrition for our hens, we ensure that they produce wholesome and delicious eggs. All our hens are cage-free, given every privilege to roam about, to peck and scratch at will and to live a happy and productive life. They lay the finest of eggs and we are here to give you the amazing opportunity to share in this nutritious goodness. Cage-free eggs. Nature’s Yoke.

Nature’s Yoke provides many options…the healthy choice!



Organic Eggs

Nutritious. Scrumptious. Absolutely healthy. Certified 100% Organic Eggs.
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Cage Free Brown Eggs

Our Cage Free brown egg comes from hens fed a veggie diet – no antibiotics, no animal by-products, no added hormones.
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Pasture Raised Eggs

Grass-fed, pasture raised eggs come from free range chickens that are kept on abundant grassy pastures.
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Cage Free White Eggs

Nutritious. Scrumptious. Absolutely healthy.
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Organic Pasture Raised

Exciting new project! Organic Pasture Raised Eggs are the most recent addition to the Nature’s Yoke product list.
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Omega 3 Eggs

Omega 3 eggs are rich and delicious and full of 225 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per egg!
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Fertile Eggs

In our fertilized egg barns the roosters are free to roam with the chickens just as they would if the eggs…
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Soy Free Eggs

This GMO Free egg is perfect for those with soy allergies, or anyone who wants…
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Practicing sustainable farming methods and operating 100% naturally,
Nature’s Yoke offers you eggs of the finest quality.

Nature’s Yoke eggs are produced on these small sustainable farms, where family values and hard work is a normal part of life, and where produce, eggs and milk is a part of their daily diet.

Nature’s Yoke is committed to sustainable farming and our goal is to provide a market for the eggs produced on these local family farms. Through working with these families, practicing sustainable farming methods and operating 100% naturally, we are able to offer you a product of the finest quality.

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