All of our eggs at Nature’s Yoke are free-range. This means that our hens have access to outdoor pastures with plenty of room to peck and scratch while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Our healthy hens are given no antibiotics or animal by-products. They are raised according to the Certified Humane standards (see below). We believe it pays off with high-quality products.

Certified Humane inspects each of our family-owned, sustainable farms. They ensure that each barn has plenty of room for the number of birds and adequately supplies feed and water. They also inspect for cleanliness of barns, lighting, air quality, number of perches, nesting boxes and more.

Below are the standards from Certified Humane for Free-Range:

“Free-Range: is a management system in which adult birds are kept in houses with daily access to an uncovered outdoor area weather permitting. The minimum outdoor space requirement is 2 square feet  (0.19 square meters) per bird to meet the Animal Care Standards for Free Range. All other standards must be met.”