Pasture Raised should not be confused with pasteurized. They are two completely different ball fields; there is no association between the two. In fact, the one is a semi-processed food while the other is a healthy, raw, earthy product. Read further.

Nature’s Yoke Pasture Raised eggs are from hens roaming in pasture grasslands as the weather permits. We do not heat treat the eggs or irradiate them to prevent spoilage. Instead we keep them cool and raw, these eggs must be kept cool or they are subject to spoilage if mishandled. We intend to preserve the natural qualities of the nutrients inside the shell as much as we can. Given proper care and conditions, eggs were designed by the Creator to be safe food. We believe our customers want to buy these eggs in the raw, natural state. We feel the hen’s health should be such that the eggs she produces should be healthful for human consumption.

But adversely, the concept of egg pasteurization is on making eggs safe to eat that come from the large conventional style housing of caged hens. But these pasteurized eggs have become, in a way, a semi-processed food. Basically they heat the eggs, usually with steam to kill bacteria on the surface of the shell. Interestingly, some of these pasteurized eggs are being sold in cartons picturing grassy pasture lands. Is this an attempt to gain customers who do not understand the difference?

Nature’s Yoke commits to presenting their items in a clear and honest way. A few extra dollars gained with misleading pictures will ultimately receive a high cost to any business. Please let us know how we might improve our service to you, your stores and consumers.