Public Service Announcement Regarding April 2018 Egg Recall

2018-04-16T11:08:56+00:00 April 16th, 2018|Blog|

Greetings Nature's Yoke customers. We want to let you know that our eggs are not affected by the recent egg recall. For your peace of mind and to help you in ensuring your safety, we have published a video showing how to check cartons for distribution locations. You can find it here. As always we [...]

Pizza Rustica – Amelia Valente Petrosemolo’s Easter Ham Pie Recipe

2018-03-30T17:07:36+00:00 March 30th, 2018|Blog|

Our Introduction to Pizza Rustica Recently our Nature's Yoke cook, Dawn, tried her hand at a special Italian ham pie called Pizza Rustica. (check out the recipe here.) Her motivation was a growing friendship with Art Petrosemolo. You see, we love connecting with people over food and recipes. Recently at a food photo shoot, Dawn [...]

Nougat – the Ancient Candy You May Have Missed

2018-03-30T07:28:05+00:00 March 26th, 2018|Blog|

National Nougat Day National Nougat Day falls on March 26 and is one of those food holidays that comes and goes unnoticed by most people. Don't be so quick, however, to miss out on this ancient treat. Nougat has centuries of history and is considered a special delight in many countries, especially around holidays. In [...]

Nature’s Yoke Appreciation Banquet Promotes Positive Work Environment

2018-02-08T16:31:57+00:00 February 8th, 2018|Blog|

Every January the owners of Nature’s Yoke host an employee appreciation banquet that goes a long way in promoting a positive work environment. The owners and CEO put much effort into the banquet in order to show the workers how valuable they are. It is just one way they express their gratitude for a job [...]

It’s Time for Blueberries: 12 links and lots of ideas

2017-10-09T20:58:30+00:00 August 7th, 2017|Blog|

Blueberries abound in the produce market now, or if you are still using your last year's crop, in your freezer containers. Either way you are probably hoping for some great ideas to incorporate this healthy, delicious and beautiful fruit into your diet. The ideas are endless. Let's start first thing in the morning. Blueberries for [...]

Has There Always Been Breakfast? A Fun Travel Through the History of Breakfast

2017-10-09T20:59:25+00:00 May 8th, 2017|Blog|

Has Breakfast Always Been Around? 17th Century: No, No, No! The history of breakfast tells us that "breaking the fast" was not always considered the "healthiest meal of the day." On the contrary, in the 17th century eating in the morning was considered bad health, bad habit, and bad morals! It was thought that eating [...]


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