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Fertile Eggs From Nature’s Yoke Cage Free Hens

Our Fertile eggs won’t hatch even if you wanted them to. Due to being place in cold temperatures shortly after having been laid, these fertile eggs no longer bear the ability to grow a chick. In our fertilized egg barns the roosters are free to roam with the chickens just as they would if the eggs were being used for hatching purposes. Our fertile eggs, like all our eggs, are cage-free. The feed for our fertile eggs is as always free of hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts. We make no claims to higher nutritional value of the fertile egg, it’s just some people’s personal preference.

Our Cage Free Fertile Brown Eggs come as a single large dozen in a plastic carton. We ask that our customers recycle the plastic carton after use so the plastic can continue on for further products. As per USDA guidelines our eggs are sized based on their minimum net weight per dozen.

Fertile Large Eggs

Our Large size eggs meet or exceed the minimum 24oz weight per dozen or about 2oz per egg.

Fertile Large Brown Eggs
One Dozen

fertile eggs large brown plastic

Grade A • 1 Dozen • Plastic Carton
Item # 511 3611