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Organic Pasture Raised Eggs From Nature’s Yoke Free Range Chickens

Recently we added Organic Pasture Raised Eggs to our Nature’s Yoke line-up of products. These eggs come from free-range chickens who are kept on grassy pastures, at liberty to roam and enjoy their world freely. These hens have access to the indoors for roosting, laying, and protection however we know they love the sunshine more.

Free to reach and peck at the grass and insects their diet consists of mostly natural products. A supplemental organic feed is always available to the hens in addition to their natural diet. Their full diet consists of no antibiotics, animal by-products, or added hormones. We keep these hens natural and free. The Pennsylvania Certified Organic board monitors the hen care and all procedures pertaining to egg production, ensuring that all operations follow the qualifying regulations.

Our Organic Pasture Raised Brown Eggs come as a single large dozen in a pulp paper carton. We ask that our customers recycle the pulp carton after use to continue on for future products. As per USDA guidelines our eggs are sized based on their minimum net weight per dozen.

Why Buy Nature’s Yoke Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs?

Organic Pasture Raised Large Eggs

Organic Pasture Raised Large Brown Eggs
One Dozen

organic pasture raised large brown eggs pulp

Grade A • 1 Dozen • Pulp Carton
Item # 250 3511
Our Large size eggs meet or exceed the minimum 24oz weight per dozen or about 2oz per egg.