Not even thinking about Codfish Salad?

So I am guessing that codfish salad isn’t even on your radar. But wait .Are you pining for a delicious and light meal that’s heart healthy and summery? Possibly with a cultural flair? Easy enough to make without a culinary certificate, and yet elegant enough for company? Wow. That’s a tall order but I think I’ve got you covered. In Brazil or Portugal this dish is called insalata di baccala and in Norway, bacalao.  In the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and other Latin American countries it is ensalada de bacalao. Here in the U.S we have borrowed their cuisine and call it salt cod salad, or if we are too lazy to shop for true salt cod, we call it codfish salad.

Salt cod salad with oranges, olives and eggss

Codfish salad with oranges

Sometimes the best medicine is food!

Codfish salad

Codfish with tomatoes, olives, lemon and parsley

Have you had the pleasure of eating this delightful salad yet? If so I am sure you are happy to hear that it is a low calorie source of protein with omega-3 fatty acids, B-12, B6, and niacin. Now in addition to smacking your lips, you can be excited that it lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, and homocysteine levels. This makes for healthier blood vessels while it lowers risk of osteoporosis and  promotes cardiovascular health. The selenium and B12 combination reduces incidence of  colon, kidney, and colorectal cancer. This is my kind of medicine! Omega-3 foods lower instances of macular degeneration, depression and Alzheimer’s. All that and delicious too? You bet your heart health!

So how do I begin?

Salt cod needs to be rinsed under cool water for 15 minutes then put in a bowl of water in the fridge for 24-48 hours changing the water frequently, or boiled then rinsed, repeating several times. Check out our Pinterest for this recipe or this easy how-to. Or you can wing it. We like to layer Spanish onions, sliced cooked potatoes, codfish, tomatoes, and of course pasture raised eggs. Drizzle red wine and vinegar over all. Refrigerate. Before serving you can pour off vinegar mixture and drizzle it back over the top again.

Any other ideas for codfish salad?

A simple Catalan codfish salad we often saw in Spain had codfish, avocado, boiled eggs, tomatoes, peppers and lime juice.

Catalan codfish salad

Traditional Catalan codfish salad

It was often served for breakfast. Wow. Heart healthy, lovely, delicious, and oh so chic. Be brave. Give it a try and you will be hooked.