Fluffy Sausage and Cheese OmeletBy Dawn NoltThis fluffy omelet was a Saturday morning specialty at our house when I was growing up. The secret to the fluff is folding egg whites into the yolk mixture.
Breakfast GaletteBy Paige WollmanBreakfast Galette strikes the perfect balance of sweet and savory. The crust is flaky with a hint of sweet and the prosciutto and soft baked eggs add the perfect savory, making this a breakfast favorite with everyone.
Turkish MenemenBy Paige WollmanTurkish Menemen is a delightful twist to your classic scrambled eggs. The few extra minutes it takes to dice up your vegetables is well worth your effort for the flavor and crunch they add to this delicious breakfast dish.
Summer SaladBy Dawn NoltPopping with color and freshness, our Summer Salad is the perfect addition to any meal.
Monte CristoBy Dawn NoltMonte Cristo, sometimes called French Toasted Ham and Cheese, takes grilled cheese sandwiches to the next level.
Buck Rarebit with SpinachBy Paige WollmanBuck Rarebit with Spinach is the perfect way to get your greens in for breakfast. The tangy rarebit sauce makes it stand out.
Welsh Rarebit Family StyleBy Paige WollmanWelsh Rarebit Family Style is our flavor packed version of rarebit. In Europe it is served as a pub lunch, but we like it any time of day.
Eggs Rarebit BenedictBy Paige WollmanEggs Rarebit Benedict replaces traditional Hollandaise sauce with a rarebit cheese sauce that is buttery, spicy, sharp and simply divine.
Korean Steamed EggsBy Paige Wollman Korean Steamed Eggs is an elegant, but easy and delicious recipe. The texture is creamy, and the shrimp and veggies add great flavor.
Blender Pots de CremeBy Dawn NoltPots de Creme, a loose French dessert custard, is very rich, smooth and sweet...which is why you serve it in dainty little "pots" for the perfect after dinner treat.
Sabang Banana PancakesBy Dawn NoltWhile vacationing on a small island of Indonesia, we fell in love with Sabang Banana Pancakes. Similar to a crepe with ripe bananas baked into them, they made a perfect breakfast or after-snorkel snack!
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