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Sliced angel food cake

Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is light and airy and great served with berries and whipped topping.  Cut into cubes, it can be transformed into a delicious dessert with little effort.

Zucchini Cake

You will love this moist snack cake with cream cheese frosting, especially in the summer when zucchini is in abundance!

Strawberry Layer Cake

This pretty pink strawberry layer cake gets its deliciousness and vibrant color from strawberry gelatin and fresh strawberries.  Each layer is sandwiched between either whipped cream or the frosting of your choice.

Apple Cake with Caramel Glaze

This apple cake is filled with generous chunks of apple and topped with a rich caramel glaze.  It's so good you may need to hide it in your kitchen or you'll have people sneaking in for a sample!

Fresh Peach Coffee Cake

Fresh Peach Coffee Cake

Fresh Peach Coffee Cake is a delicious celebration of this seasonal fruit. Go ahead. Pour a second cup of coffee and savor each bite of this peachy treat.

Chiffon Cake with Lemon Butter Icing

Baked in an angel food cake pan, Chiffon Cake is tall and pretty and dressed in her lemony best. Go ahead. Invite her to your next tea or dinner party.

Buttermilk Coffee Cake

Buttermilk Coffee Cake, with its pecan-sugar topping, is a happy way to start your morning.

Lemon Crumb Cake

With brown sugar-based crumbs sprinkled across a lemony batter, you'll love this Lemon Crumb Cake brought to you by Nature's Yoke Eggs.

Caramel Apple Sheet Cake

Caramel Apple Sheet Cake with its chopped apples, a hint of cinnamon, and caramel topping is a wonderful celebration of autumn.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

This raspberry cream cheese coffee cake is so good you will want it for breakfast with your coffee and again at dinner for dessert!

Applesauce Snack Cake

Lemon Poppy Seed Sheet Cake


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