Egg and Green Onion PieBy Ala NacuThis traditional Moldovan recipe for Egg and Green Onion Pie (Placinte) submitted to us by a guest contributor, celebrates her heritage.
Spicy Shrimp StirfryBy Dawn NoltSpicy Shrimp Stirfry, packed with vegetables and organic eggs, is a simple and nutritious meal.
White Mountain FrostingBy Dorothy LeibeeWhite Mountain Frosting is light, fluffy, fat-free, delicious and it moistens the cake. It requires no refrigeration.
Cake PopsBy Dawn NoltThere's no 'batter' time than now to try your hand at homemade Cake Pops!
Homemade Vanilla PuddingBy Dawn NoltCreamy and comforting, our homemade vanilla pudding is an easy but elegant dessert for your next dinner party.
Quiche LorraineBy Dawn NoltMother of all quiches, this flaky, bacon-y and custard-y Quiche Lorraine is a delightful dish to serve for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.
Egg and Cucumber SaladBy Ala NacuThis Moldovan recipe full of the aroma and taste of herbs, is a fresh change for your salad repertoire. (or collection of salad recipes)
Brioche LoafBy Dawn NoltFrance gets credited for Brioche Loaf, a bread that gets its rich, pastry-like texture from a high egg and butter content. Try baking it in a variety of shapes or in a bundt pan to make this treat beautiful as well as delicious.
Cranberry CakeBy Dawn NoltCombine fresh, tart cranberries with a sweet, butter batter to make Cranberry Cake, a perfect dessert for every holiday, even self-proclaimed ones.
Crepes SuzetteBy Dawn NoltImpress your dinner guests with Crepes Suzette, a French dessert consisting of orange butter filled crepes, prepared in a tableside performance, flambe.
Gluten Free Ricotta Crepes with Blueberry SauceBy Carol KicinskiMy Gluten-Free Ricotta Crepes with Blueberry Sauce Recipe is one of my favorite Sunday morning meals. Start with quality eggs, some organic ricotta cheese and sour cream, fresh blueberries from the local produce stand, and soon you’ll have yourself a dish worthy of a relaxing Sunday morning.
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