Herb Potato RollsBy Dawn NoltHerb Potato Rolls are a soft, savory bread so delicious you might want to go ahead print off extra copies of this recipe.
Chocolate Lovers’ CakeBy Dawn NoltFittingly named, Chocolate Lovers' Cake gets some of its sweetness from a bottle of chocolate syrup.
Sour Cream CoffeecakeBy Dawn NoltSo pretty she'll steal the show and delicious enough to deserve it, Sour Cream Coffee cake is a guest you'll definitely want to invite to your next event.
Salted Peanut BarsBy Dawn NoltIndulge in these Salted Peanut Bars for a dessert or afternoon snack! The recipe from Nature's Yoke Eggs is one you'll want to share with a friend.
Fruit JumblesBy Dawn NoltAn easy cookie to make, Fruit Jumbles get their flavor from dates and walnuts.
Smoked Egg DipBy Dawn NoltTaking egg salad to a new level, Smoked Egg Dip is full of flavor and is a happy accompaniment to chips or crackers.
Pecan Pie BarsBy Dawn NoltThe Pecan Pie Bars from Nature's Yoke Eggs are easy to make and very delicious. Print the recipe out for yourself or email it to a friend.
Corn Meal BunsBy Dawn NoltA soft, wholesome, and delicious, Corn Meal Buns are my mother's favorite bread to make for guests. Try them and be prepared to fall in love!
Zucchini BitesBy Dawn NoltGot zucchini? Got friends? Perfect! Delight those friends with flavorful Zucchini Bites, a delicious recipe made easy with Bisquick.
Chocolate Marble SquaresBy Dawn NoltChocolate Marble Squares from the Nature's Yoke Eggs website is one more way to enjoy chocolate and peanut butter in every delicious bite.
Graham Cracker FluffBy Dawn NoltGraham Cracker Fluff may not be the easiest pudding dessert to make but it sure is delicious enough to be worth the work.
Orange Slice BarsBy Dawn NoltThe recipe for Orange Slice Bars from Nature's Yoke Eggs contains orange slice candy and flaked coconut to create a delicious treat!
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