Two-toned Cream PieBy Dawn NoltCan't decide if you want a slice of chocolate or peanut butter cream pie? Have both by serving yourself a slice of Two-toned Cream Pie.
Meatballs in GravyBy Dawn NoltMade entirely on the stove top, these Meatballs in Gravy are delicious served alongside mashed potatoes.
Delicious PancakesBy Dawn NoltThough Delicious Pancakes is a basic and easy recipe, their name says it all.
Million Dollar Chocolate Chip CookiesBy Dawn NoltFortunately, you don't need a million dollars to make these delicious chocolate chip cookies that are packed with oats, chocolate chips and walnuts.
Krispy Krunch CookiesBy Dawn NoltOatmeal and rice crispy cereal give these Krispy Krunch cookies their name.
Sour Cream CookiesBy Dawn NoltMade with sour cream, lemon, cinnamon and honey, Sour Cream Cookies have a delicious blend of flavors you are sure to love.
Holiday Fun CookiesBy Dawn NoltSwitch up the M&M colors in these Holiday Fun Cookies according to the holiday you are celebrating.
German Chocolate CakeBy Dawn NoltCake artists, this one is for you. This delicious, tri-level German Chocolate Cake is sure to impress and please your friends.
Italian Cream CakeBy Dawn NoltWith its layers dolled up in walnuts, coconut and cream cheese frosting, Italian Cream Cake is an impressive and delicious addition to your next party.
Chocolate Pound CakeBy Dawn NoltDressed in its matching glaze, Chocolate Pound Cake is a delicious and attractive addition to your party.
Granny’s Pound CakeBy Dawn NoltGranny's Pound Cake is a basic but delicious recipe for you to eat plain, piled with berries and whipped cream, as French Toast, or in a trifle.
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