Chocolate Peanut Buddy BarsBy Dawn NoltThis easy recipe from Nature's Yoke Eggs will please anyone's sweet tooth! Print out the Chocolate Peanut Buddy Bars recipe or share it with a friend.
Yum Yum BarsBy Dawn NoltYum Yum Bars, a fitting name for this treat. Email the recipe to a friend, share it through social media, or (oh yeah!) take them a plateful of yummy bars.
Cowboy BarsBy Dawn NoltThese Cowboy Bars will take your taste buds out into the wild west! The recipe is easy to follow and the bars are delicious.
Butter Nut ChewiesBy Dawn NoltWith only eight ingredients, Butter Nut Bars are great for beginner cooks to make, yet delicious enough for seasoned cooks to love them as well.
Red Stew and RiceBy Dawn NoltIntroduce your family to a taste of West Africa by serving Red Stew and Rice made with familiar-to-them ingredients like tuna, tomatoes, kale and eggs.
Crab CakesBy Dawn NoltSatisfy your crave for seafood with these pan-fried Crab Cakes made easily in your own kitchen. Delicious!
Asparagus CasseroleBy Dawn NoltAsparagus casserole, my mom's famous springtime dish, stars asparagus baked with hard-boiled eggs and a cheesy sauce and topped with buttery bread crumbs.
Eggscellent BLT BitesBy Dawn NoltBLT inspired egg salad nestled in a Tostitos Scoop. What an 'eggscellent' idea!
Pesto CheeseBy Dawn NoltPesto cheese is a baked mixture of cream cheese, ricotta, and Parmesan, flavored with Pesto and served with crackers.
Barbeque-Ranch Deviled EggsBy Dawn NoltDeviled eggs are no longer relegated to simplistic fillings I knew as a child. Today they are bursting with flavor, like this delicious BBQ Ranch version.
Deviled EggsBy Dawn NoltHere are the deviled eggs you remember from your childhood. Cool, creamy, comforting, and so good.
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