Cherry BarsBy Dawn NoltThis simple but delicious recipe for Cherry Bars is perfect for any casual or formal occasion.
Peanut Butter FingersBy Dawn NoltWhen Peanut Butter Fingers were invented, there must have been spectacular fireworks. Peanut butter, chocolate, chewy and gooey. Couldn't be better.
Raspberry Almond BarsBy Dawn NoltStudded with slivered almonds, Raspberry Almond Bars make a pretty and delicious dessert.
Fudgy BrowniesBy Dawn NoltIndulge in these Delicious Fudgy Brownies after spending a minimal amount of time making them! Get the recipe at Nature's Yoke Eggs!
Davy Crockett BarsBy Dawn NoltCelebrate the 19th century hero with Davy Crockett Bars, a delicious treat made with oats, walnuts, and chocolate chips.
Salted Peanut BarsBy Dawn NoltIndulge in these Salted Peanut Bars for a dessert or afternoon snack! The recipe from Nature's Yoke Eggs is one you'll want to share with a friend.
Pecan Pie BarsBy Dawn NoltThe Pecan Pie Bars from Nature's Yoke Eggs are easy to make and very delicious. Print the recipe out for yourself or email it to a friend.
Chocolate Marble SquaresBy Dawn NoltChocolate Marble Squares from the Nature's Yoke Eggs website is one more way to enjoy chocolate and peanut butter in every delicious bite.
Orange Slice BarsBy Dawn NoltThe recipe for Orange Slice Bars from Nature's Yoke Eggs contains orange slice candy and flaked coconut to create a delicious treat!
Chocolate Mint BarsBy Dawn NoltIndulge your taste buds and enjoy the flavors of chocolate and mint with Nature's Yoke recipe for Chocolate Mint Bars. They are simply divine!
Chocolate Peanut Buddy BarsBy Dawn NoltThis easy recipe from Nature's Yoke Eggs will please anyone's sweet tooth! Print out the Chocolate Peanut Buddy Bars recipe or share it with a friend.
Yum Yum BarsBy Dawn NoltYum Yum Bars, a fitting name for this treat. Email the recipe to a friend, share it through social media, or (oh yeah!) take them a plateful of yummy bars.
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