Delicious Egg Recipes

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Pecan SandiesBy Dawn NoltDelicate, delicious little bits of crumbly, buttery cookie....
Raisin Oatmeal CookiesBy Dawn NoltEnjoy these soft, chewy raisin oatmeal cookies, a recipe passed down from my great-grandmother.
Chocolate Mint Marble CookiesBy Dawn NoltYour kids will love helping you make these chewy, chocolate mint marble cookies because you get to squish the balls of dough together.
Pistachio-Cranberry SpiralsBy Dawn NoltPistachio Cranberry Spirals may become your new holiday favorite!  Light and flavorful with their swirl of color, they make a festive treat!
Old-Fashioned Coconut CookiesBy Dawn NoltImagine sitting at your Grandma's table with one of these old-fashioned coconut cookies and a cold glass of milk.  Happiness.
Lemon Crinkle CookiesBy Dawn NoltIf you love all things lemon like I do, you will love these soft lemon-y crinkle cookies.
Vanilla-Allspice Thumbprint CookiesBy Dawn NoltTiny thumbprint cookies that melt in your mouth, flavored with allspice and vanilla and topped with a dollop of white chocolate....delicious!
Cranberry Chocolate Chunk CookiesCranberry Chocolate Chunk CookiesBy Dawn NoltThese delicious Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies are crammed full of coconut, craisins, dark chocolate and white baking chips.
Sesame Cookie (Middle Eastern)Sesame Cookies (Middle Eastern)By Dawn NoltServe Sesame Cookies with black tea that's been heavily sweetened and flavored with cinnamon -an authentic Middle Eastern combination.
M&M CookiesBy Dawn NoltChildren love these M&M Cookies. Make them and rediscover the child in you.
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