Vanilla-Allspice Thumbprint CookiesBy Dawn NoltTiny thumbprint cookies that melt in your mouth, flavored with allspice and vanilla and topped with a dollop of white chocolate....delicious!
Cranberry Chocolate Chunk CookiesBy Dawn NoltThese delicious Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies are crammed full of coconut, craisins, dark chocolate and white baking chips.
Sesame Cookies (Middle Eastern)By Dawn NoltServe Sesame Cookies with black tea that's been heavily sweetened and flavored with cinnamon -an authentic Middle Eastern combination.
M&M CookiesBy Dawn NoltChildren love these M&M Cookies. Make them and rediscover the child in you.
Maraschino Krispie CookiesBy Dawn NoltThis Maraschino Krispie Cookies recipe was handed down to me from my Grandmother. The cherries add a splash of color and sweetness.
Pecan TartsBy Dawn NoltAdd some delicious elegance to your next cookie platter by including these Pecan Tarts. Pecan pie lovers will thank you.
Chocolate Candy Cane CookiesBy Dawn NoltAdd these festive candy cane cookies to your Christmas cookie platter. The candy cane pieces on top add a perfect crunch.
Peppermint Crunch CookiesBy Dawn NoltWhile staying at a friends house, she served these peppermint crunch cookies warm out of the oven. Try them! I have my doubts you will stop with one.
Reese’s CookiesBy Dawn NoltReese's Cookies are one more fantastic celebration of the marriage between chocolate and peanut butter!
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