Delicious Egg Recipes

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Quick Coffee CakeBy Dawn NoltThis quick coffee cake is buttery and cinnamon-y and so delicious! Bake it in the morning before work and treat the office staff...they'll love you!
Lemon CupcakesBy Dawn NoltCupcake lovers will love our lemon cupcakes! The frosting, made with whipping cream and real lemon juice, is so light and airy and perfectly lemon!
Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese BreadBy Dawn NoltSoft and creamy, our chocolate chip cream cheese bread is really just a cookie in a loaf! It is the perfect companion to a cup of coffee or tea.
Lemon Pie ShootersBy Dawn NoltI love miniature desserts!  And I love lemon, so these elegant lemon pie shooters are the perfect finishing touch to dinner.
Valentine MeringueBy Dawn NoltThis elegant valentine meringue looks like a masterpiece, but is simple to make.  Light and delicate, these individual hearts are topped with a cream cheese layer and fruit.
Mocha Truffle BarsBy Dawn NoltChocolate or coffee lover?  Either way, you will love these Mocha Truffle Bars with their chewy brownie base topped with a creamy, coffee-flavored truffle filling.
Spiced Apple BarsBy Dawn NoltOur spiced apple bars full of hearty oats, apples and spices make a delightful autumn dessert.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy!
Chocolate Chip SconesBy Dawn NoltThese chocolate chip scones are lightly sweetened with a slightly crusty exterior, a perfect partner for your favorite cup of tea.
Pumpkin Cheesecake TrifleBy Dawn NoltThe perfect dessert for entertaining in the fall.  Our pumpkin cheesecake trifle is gorgeous and delicious with it's layers of angel food cake, pumpkin cheesecake and whipped topping.
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