Baked OatmealBy Dawn NoltBaked Oatmeal with homemade yogurt and fresh fruit is one of my children's favorite breakfasts, one I feel good about serving them.
Deep Dish Layered SaladBy Dawn NoltGorgeously nestled in its bowl and crowned with a creamy dressing, Deep Dish Layered Salad is a guest-approved way to get a variety of veggies.
Mini Spinach FrittatasBy Dawn NoltMini Spinach Frittatas, an adorable way to eat your greens! Filled with cheeses, spinach, mushrooms and pepperoni, each flavorful bite is sure to please.
German PizzaBy Dawn NoltWith a crispy bed of shredded potatoes topped with a layer of cheese, meat, and egg, German Pizza is a satisfying dish at brunch or dinner. Substitute sausage for the ground beef and serve this at brunch.
Italian FrittataBy Dawn NoltMade with salami, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, this loaded Italian Frittata is one you'll fall in love with.
Smoked Egg DipBy Dawn NoltTaking egg salad to a new level, Smoked Egg Dip is full of flavor and is a happy accompaniment to chips or crackers.
Baked Corn RecipeBy Dawn NoltThis gently seasoned, comforting corn recipe is both easy and delicious.
Baked OmeletBy Dawn NoltUse this basic baked omelet recipe as a base, then customize it per your family's taste by selecting add-ins from its list of suggested ingredients.
Red Stew and RiceBy Dawn NoltIntroduce your family to a taste of West Africa by serving Red Stew and Rice made with familiar-to-them ingredients like tuna, tomatoes, kale and eggs.
Crab CakesBy Dawn NoltSatisfy your crave for seafood with these pan-fried Crab Cakes made easily in your own kitchen. Delicious!
Barbeque-Ranch Deviled EggsBy Dawn NoltDeviled eggs are no longer relegated to simplistic fillings I knew as a child. Today they are bursting with flavor, like this delicious BBQ Ranch version.
Deviled EggsBy Dawn NoltHere are the deviled eggs you remember from your childhood. Cool, creamy, comforting, and so good.
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