Spinach Strawberry SaladBy Dawn NoltPopping with color, bursting with flavor and brimming with texture, this salad will quickly make it to the top of your "favorite salad list".
Sesame Crunch SaladBy Dawn NoltStarring honey-roasted sesame sticks, our Sesame Crunch Salad is a lovely lettuce salad special enough for any occasion.
Layered Lettuce SaladBy Dawn NoltAssembled the night before you entertain, layered lettuce salad is loved by both the hosts (for its convenience) and the guests (for its great taste).
Bacon Dill Potato SaladBy Dawn NoltSpice up your potato salad experience by making Bacon Dill Potato Salad, a delicious blend of flavors.
Egg Stuffed TomatoesBy Dawn NoltEgg Stuffed Tomatoes are adorable little appetizers and or a pleasing side to any luncheon.
Salad NicoiseBy Dawn NoltSalad Nicoise is comprised of olives, anchovies, potatoes, tomatoes, tuna, parsley, beans and eggs piled onto lettuce and drizzled with a vinaigrette.
Maurice SaladBy Dawn NoltMaurice Salad is a filling combination of turkey, ham, Swiss, sweet pickles and eggs on a bed of lettuce and topped with a mayo-based dressing.
chicken cobb salad dairy-freeChicken Cobb Salad (Dairy-Free)By Dawn NoltThis beautiful Chicken Cobb Salad is made dairy-free by replacing blue cheese with artichoke hearts. Not dairy-free? Go ahead and add some cheese.
Broccoli SaladBy Dawn NoltBroccoli, cauliflower, cheese cubes, onions and hard-boiled eggs all crowded together in a bowl? So good we invited Broccoli Salad to our wedding reception.
Spinach SaladBy Dawn NoltMy mom's signature salad, Spinach Salad is a delicious combination of bacon, spinach, eggs, and mushrooms all drizzled with a homemade vinaigrette.
Bean and Bacon SaladBy Dawn NoltI'm not a huge fan of beans, but even I liked this Bean and Bacon Salad with the crunch of celery and the homemade dressing. More, please.
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