Black Bean BurgersBy Dawn NoltBlack Bean Burgers are packed with bold flavors, making them a tasty alternative for vegetarians and those on a low-cost budget.
Kofte with Yogurt SauceBy Dawn NoltKofte with Yogurt Sauce is a tasty Middle Eastern dish that will delight your taste buds. Served as a main dish or as fast food, this Persian dish is enjoyed across the world from India to the Middle East.
Turkey-Curry CroissantsBy Dawn NoltOur turkey-curry croissants will delight you with their fruity filling and nutty crunch.They are the perfect choice for a light luncheon.
Turkey BurgersBy Dawn NoltTurkey burgers are so delicious and healthy too...these are moist and bursting with flavor.  You can even wrap your burger in lettuce for a gluten-free option.
Cheesy Knoephla SoupBy Dawn NoltKnoephla (pronounce nip-fla) Soup is a traditional German soup loved for it's little dumplings floating among the potatoes and carrots in this hearty stew.  Our cheesy version has an American twist.
Creamy Crab SoupBy Dawn NoltCreamy crab soup served with a slice of lemon is the perfect blend of savory and tart.
Cod BurgersCod BurgersBy Dawn NoltTired of beef?  Try our Cod Burgers.
Hearty Italian SoupHearty Italian SoupBy Dawn NoltHearty Italian Soup is the perfect choice to serve your family on a cold winter night.  Compliment your soup with some freshly baked bread sticks and enjoy!
Italian Wedding SoupBy Dawn NoltYou don't have to be European to enjoy this Italian Wedding Soup, a bowl full of meatballs, pasta, carrots and spinach swimming in chicken broth.
Hamburger Patty MeltBy Dawn NoltSatisfy your entire family with these delightful Hamburger Patty Melts. Hearty enough for dinner yet simple enough for lunch.
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