Doorstep Dairy Truck in city

Doorstep Dairy – Who are These Guys?

Do you ever see a Doorstep Dairy truck in your area – a delivery truck that reminds you of an old fashioned milkman? Well if you have thought that, you are very close to being right. These guys truly are modern day milkmen, combining the best of the old with the new. I’ll tell you how shortly. But first, a little background.

Doorstep Dairy – Country Store Beginnings

Although the trucks on the roads now are part of a delivery service in its ninth year, the family business dates back to the 1950’s. Daryl Mast, the current owner and brains behind the farm to table business, remembers his grandparents delivering goods to their customers from their little community store in Narvon, Pennsylvania. Tagging along on the truck as a little boy, he probably didn’t picture himself using his childhood memory to build a business and meet a need for customers. But that’s just what he did.

What’s It All About?

Daryl Mast – Honoring his Family Roots

Doorstep Dairy partners with local farmers and vendors. But not just any farm or any business. Remember what I said about the best of the old and the new? Daryl’s vision was not just to bring weekly “ supplies” to our homes. That idea itself is both old fashioned and innovative, as well as just plain convenient. He also had in mind supporting the locals in the agricultural community. Locals that care about the land, the animals, and the products that they help produce. Doorstep Dairy looks for sincere and knowledgeable partners, to link up with consumers who want local freshness with “ health food store” quality.

Farm Fresh and Ready for Delivery

The Whens, Wheres, and Hows of It All

With Doorstep Dairy you choose from a selection of boxes to be delivered once a week to your home. You can be there to receive it, have it left on your porch in insulated packaging, or even leave instructions for them to place products in your garage refrigerator. Charming! Many customers purchase DD’s locally made, old timey metal milkbox to leave out on delivery day. Or all of the time because they are so vintage chic. The delivery is free for orders $60 and up. But if your order comes under that, the whopping delivery fee is $6.95. I’m not kidding! What a deal. Check out the delivery area to see if you are eligible.

Doorstep Dairy Delivery Area

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

That’s simple. You should. And you will even get our fresh Nature’s Yoke Free range eggs brought right to your door. The best of the old and the new – locally sourced groceries and home delivery.
Go for it.