Breakfast Outside
Breakfast Outside

Outside Time is Here

How about eating your breakfast outside tomorrow and doubling your benefits? With winter behind us we are all ready to leave the confines of our four walls. Most of us have been wishing for months for a chance to sit out on the porch, so why not live for today and take advantage of the opportunity? Carry that breakfast outside! Seriously, wouldn’t our egg muffins fit perfectly in your picnic basket?

Breakfast outside by the lake
Outside Time

Why Eat Breakfast Anyway?

First of all we know we have a better day, less blood sugar fluctuations, less hunger attacks, less vending machine raids, and more energy when we eat a healthy breakfast that includes protein, such as free range eggs. There is much research to back that, plus our own bodies prove it to us every time we “break our fast” with a donut. Crash! Starting your day with protein gives you more energy, makes you more alert and keeps you feel fuller longer. Here’s a great read to tell you why.

Why Not Boost the Benefits

Why not take it a step further and boost the breakfast benefit by adding green time! Surely we are all impressed with the latest studies indicating that green time is as beneficial as a multivitamin. But this really isn’t new news to the generations before us. When I was growing up, all children were continually exhorted to ” go outside and get some fresh air.” I still remember my great aunt shooing all of us children out the door while exclaiming, “there is absolutely no good reason for you children to be inside on a beautiful day like this.” Sound familiar?

Research Proves We Need the Outdoors

If you would rather read an article than remember your great aunt’s admonition, there are plenty to be found. This quick article impresses us with the benefits of less stress, lower blood pressure, less ADD symptoms, better mood and stronger immune system. All from just being in the great outdoors. Who doesn’t want all of that? 

“Outside = Healthy” Was Already a Thing

In almost all of the eras before this current technology era, being outside was equated with health. “You’ll waste away sitting inside like that,” adults trumpeted the warnings. Invalids were taken outside in their wheelchairs by wise nurses. Midwives and old time doctors encouraged taking babies outside each day to discourage jaundice. Until recently the outdoors was considered part of the prescription for mental health. Widows were advised to tend their roses. Corporate executives took a brisk walk “to clear my mind a bit.” So breakfast outdoors? Sounds like a great prescription, right?

Breakfast Outside? Go for It

We don’t really need all of the new research to tell us that going outside is GOOD for us. Or that eating breakfast is good for us. So if you start your day eating breakfast outside with someone you love….or just with the birds, then you double your benefits. Protein. Sunshine. Vitamin D. Trees. Pasture raised eggs. Bird songs. A break from synthetic light and noise, and if you are really going for it, a break from your phone. Breakfast outdoors. Aaaahh what a great decision.

Family eating together outside
Together Outside – What a Way to Start the Day