Egg Cartons – Don’t Throw Them Out

Hey, don’t toss that egg carton. Put it into the recycle bin. But before you even do that, you may want to save a few in your attic, garage, or shed. Yeah, I know there is already too much stuff stashed there. But seriously, there are so many ideas about using those cartons. Check out this whole set of ideas on our Pinterest account. And that is just crafts. There are many more uses. But today we will stick to one great use……

Egg Cartons and Family Time

Yep. Egg cartons and family time. Sounds funny, right? Yet aren’t we all looking for relaxing family activities without technology? Aaaah, the good ‘ole days. Well here is how one family with five children, enjoyed some happy, healthy craft time and produced something lovely for us!

Even Their Dad Stepped In

This beautiful family (that’s an unbiased view from me, their grandmother) started out the evening before their craft day, hoping to cut some flowers from egg cartons. Those cartons are tougher than they look, but dads often have clever solutions, and their dad was no exception. Seeing their struggles he produced a utility knife that cut through the pulp “like butter.” Dad to the rescue. He even joined in the fun, much to the kids’ delight. Though he is looking like, “Now why are we cutting up egg cartons???”

Getting Ready

Dad helps with crafts

Dad to the Rescue

The next day, while the older kids worked on their home school assignments, Paige (aka Mom) and the little guys got things set up for the project. An old sheet was spread over the table. (a must for this project with LOTS of paint!) Colors were selected, hot glue gun loaded, and supplies laid out. Now all they had to do was hope that little Giselle, age 1, might nap through the messiest hours.

The Fun Part

Jackson, age 4, was assigned to paint the leaves. If you haven’t tried Sargent’s Metallic and Neon Paint Sticks found here on Amazon, you might want to check them out. They provided just the right amount of sheen and were easy for him to manage. Alexia, age 7, enjoyed painting the flower blooms with acrylic paints. The older girls, Shania age 12, and Jasmine age 10, used their creativity to keep the “flower garden” growing.

Girls crafting

The “Girl Team” at Work

The beauty of acrylic paint is its fast drying quality. So as the girls visited and painted, and the two youngest napped (hooray for naps,) Mom was able to do the arranging and begin hot gluing their masterpieces to a ring cut out of last night’s pizza box. (See, that pizza box had a use too! But I don’t have a Pinterest pin on further pizza box uses. I’m sure someone does, though.)

girls showing painted flower

Alexia’s Painted Bloom

The Final Result

We think the final result was so pretty – a great Valentine’s gift or simply “I love you” gift for someone. Paige’s overall verdict? “It took some time. But, the children had a blast. I’m definitely up for more egg carton crafts now!” Maybe you should be too. Because there’s more to life than screen time, that’s for sure.

wreath closeup

Closeup of Flowers and Leaves

Completed egg carton wreath

Finished Project