What is Pasture Raised?

Nature’s Yoke Pasture Raised eggs come from chickens that are kept on abundant grassy pastures, free to roam unhindered and at liberty to peck and scratch at will. The all-natural feed and environment produces a healthy chicken and an egg that is 100% natural and bursting with nutrients. Our pasture raised eggs are hand-gathered, since most of our pastured farms do not use modern machinery or electricity. Just like all of our eggs, our pasture raised eggs are produced on small sustainable farms.

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George IV
I am a sales assistant for Natures Yoke. My father owns the business, so I grew up helping with the farm. I enjoy talking to people and answering questions for customers. One of my hobbies is to make videos. I am able to use this hobby by helping make videos for the Nature’s Yoke YouTube page. I really enjoy what I do.

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