Kids in the Kitchen – Learning Plus Fun

Kids in the kitchen is a natural occurrence in most households. After all, they are usually hungry, so why not involve them in more than eating? Why not use their presence to help guide them towards better habits for the future? Help them see the beauty of clean eating, local sourcing, fresh ingredients. These things are not “above their pay grade.” Children are never too young to learn about natural products. Also, humane animal treatment comes naturally for our little guys and can be easily “taught” and “caught” as you share your values and what prompts your purchases.

Fresh ingredients being prepped for a meal
Fresh Ingredients

Kids in the Kitchen Making Decisions – Fresh Ingredients

With kids in the kitchen, you can get them excited about fresh ingredients. Show them the beauty and variety found in fresh foods. Involve all of their senses and let them feel proud about good choices.

Little chef examining egg
Little Chef with Free Range Eggs

Kids Getting Messy – Food Prep

With kids in the kitchen, they can get involved in food prep. Your little guys and gals can start cutting with plastic knives, move to butter knives, then sharper knives as they grow and mature. Let them stir, tear, and mix ingredients. If they want to pretend by mixing up raw ingredients while you work, then by all means let them at it!

Little chef busy with food prep
Busy with Food Prep
Kids in the kitchen whisking ingredients
“Gotta Whisk my Cilantro”

Why not invest in a few kid-sized kitchen supplies. Amazon has many to choose from in different price ranges like this adorable set that is small but stove safe. Hesitant to spend the money? You might find it a better investment than a more expensive battery operated toy; because this “play” is setting the foundation for lifelong healthy habits. We even found a little chef’s hat because this guy is a budding culinary artist!

Kids in the kitchen with a fried egg
Little Chef at Work

Kids in the Kitchen Cooking – Yum!

You can help your kids decide what they are ready to cook. Let them see that it’s fun to prepare food at home. And definitely involve them in serving up delicious food. After all they make adorable waiters and waitresses.

Kids in the kitchen serving bacon
Little Chef Serves up No-Nitrate Turkey Bacon

Kids Eating – Make Healthy Foods Fun

Sure the prep and the cooking is fun. But we have found that children sometimes gravitate towards the hyped up and often unhealthy foods that are cleverly packaged. Or the ones they see their friends eating. So find ways to make healthy eating fun, not a drudgery. Remember those old pictures of children holding their noses while taking their mandatory one bite of broccoli? No, no, no. Life should be fun. And healthy food should be an enjoyable experience. We love these adorable egg cups that turn a simple boiled egg into a fun adventure. In fact we have many cute egg cup finds on one of our Pinterest boards. Take a peek right here.

Fresh food is lovely and fun
Fresh Food – Fun and Beautiful
Kids in the kitchen, little boy with egg
Little Chef Ready to Eat
Kids in the kitchen brave knight egg cup
Little Chef with Brave Knight Egg Cup

Enjoy your kids in the kitchen. Hopefully their generation will far surpass us on healthy eating, sustainability, and healthy lifestyles.