What is a Pocillovist Anyway?

Chicken shaped egg holder

Chicken egg cup

What does a pocillovist or pocillovy have to do with organic, cage free, soy-free, kosher, or pasture raised eggs? Is it another specialty division? A term used in sustainable farming research? A method of going more “green” on our farms? Should you be nervous if someone introduces themselves to you as a pocillovist? Should you hesitate to shake his hand or enthusiastically slap him on the back? Well any pocillovist reading this is chuckling by now, and the rest of you may be ready to google it; but I’ll save you the effort. Pocillovy is the field of collecting egg cups. No kidding.

But Does Anyone Else Know about Pocillovists?

There are books, websites, clubs, shows, museum displays, little shops, antique dealers, and even some historians and archeologists who are dedicated to this field. This link to an online British Museum collection shows twenty examples from various eras and origins. So, yes. It’s a thing.

Porcelain egg cup with lid

Is There Any Danger Involved in Pocillovy?

Yes, it can become addictive.  You see, there are egg cups from the ruins of Pompeii, and egg cups in my Grandmother’s china cabinet.

There are wooden, stainless steel, ceramic, clay, crystal and fine china egg cups.  Some people enjoy finding old silver christening eggcups with engraved names of the baby recipient, while others delight in animal shaped cups with little feet for the stand.



Want Double the Fun?

footed egg holder

Sitting around holding an egg

Every collector, woops I mean pocillovist, has some double cups, which are not two side by side cups as you would imagine. Instead, these have a small cup for one boiled egg. They can then be turned upside down for a larger cup where you break up the egg, add salt and pepper, or even crumble in a bit of  toast. Of course that is unnecessary if you happen to have an egg cup with an adjacent compartment for little toast strips or “soldiers” as they are often called. Here are some adorable ones for sale.

Want to Get Even More Serious About This?

Having a formal breakfast? Do be sure each place setting has an exquisite matching fine china egg cup or better yet, lead crystal with cut facets. Want funny ones complete with mustaches or silly ones standing on tiptoe? Go for it. Let your egg cups dictate the mood of the even and be conversation starters.

Egg cup with a face

Humor at the Breakfast Table

How Do You Eat the Egg?

How will you eat your egg from cup, with finesse? Use the funny looking gadget called an egg decapitator (no kidding), or learn to politely tap and peel off the top, then use your cute little egg spoon. Are you getting hooked yet, or just amused? Who knows, maybe pocillovy is in your near future.