potato lasagna

Potato Lasagna – Weird and Wonderful

Potato lasagna sounds both weird and wonderful. Weird because where are the noodles? And wonderful because – well everyone likes potatoes and everyone likes lasagna.

We definitely didn’t see potato lasagna at family potlucks growing up. Yet here it is showing up in all sorts of recipe websites.  But why? Why is it on-trend, especially in the gluten-free world? Hold on. Let’s back up a bit and look into the surge of gluten-free recipes.

Grilled potato slices prepped for potato lasagna

Grilled Potato Slices Ready for a Recipe

Gluten-free Recipes – Why the Flood?

Gluten-free recipes are more sought out today than ever before. In fact, a search for gluten-free recipes in the old card catalog days at the library (yes, that was google search way back then) yielded nothing. But now, those recipes abound. And not just for those who must follow a diet free of grains.

The reasons for this are many but include more awareness of Celiac disease.  Additionally there is an upswing in gluten intolerance. Further reasons take into account the popularity of the Paleo diet, and more familiarity with the glycemic index. (read here if you want to know more about the glycemic index in layman’s terms.) Last but not least, there is a mainstream surge towards low-carb meals in general, and gluten-free recipes are part of that movement.

These categories do not overlap in every recipe or ingredient. (white potatoes being a yes for some eating styles and a no for others) Yet, they have all led to a revolution of sorts in both food options and food combinations. Sometimes these include adding new products to our pantries. Case in point: very few of us had quinoa on our grocery list a decade ago. That’s one of the many newer options. And seriously, what would our grandparents have thought if they had caught us using sweet potatoes for breakfast in place of hash browns? New food combinations. Hey our the cooks from the sixties and seventies might not have bought into salted chocolate or kale chips.  As Bob Dylan tried to tell us: “The times, they are a-changin’.

Where Does Potato Lasagna Fit in?

So back to potato lasagna. It’s everywhere. I’ve seen it with ham, bacon, and mozarella cheese. It shows up with spinach, marinara, and ricotta. There are recipes with seafood in an Alfredo sauce.  And of course you’ll find traditional recipes that simply substitute the potatoes for the lasagna noodles.You can google it under gluten-free potato lasagna and come up with many options. We even have our own delicious version in our Nature’s Yoke recipe section and on our Pinterest.  And our Potato Breakfast Gratin reminds you of a breakfast potato lasagna.

potato lasagna for breakfast

Potato Breakfast Gratin

There’s More

It doesn’t end with Potato Lasagna. As a result of all the hype, there is a now a surge of potato lasagna rolls that look beautiful and delicious like this one. And potatoes aren’t just masquerading as pasta. They work great grilled  with a hamburger patty nestled between the slices. A very authentic “potato bun” for sure. But that is for another post.

Burgers on potato slices

Burgers on Potato Slices by Instructables Cooking

Give it a Try!

Potato lasagna may not meet your low carb or low glycemic standards; after all, it’s tough to be all things to all people. But it sure makes for an incredible, comfort food option in the gluten-free world. Go for it. You can’t go wrong with potatoes. And lasagna makes it even better.