Fresh strawberries

Welcome Strawberries; Welcome Summer

Each year strawberries make their welcomed appearance like clockwork at the beginning of summer. This luscious food isn’t merely a treat for the tastebuds but also an iconic symbol of happy summer days. How so?

Ambiance Creators

Two fruits, strawberries and apples, are major mental image evokers for most Americans. The retail business knows this and often plays off of it by having those scents wafting through the air near their seasonal merchandise. Hey it works for me. When I smell apples I want to buy a fall wreath and when I smell strawberries I want a summer blouse. I am a scent sucker. 

Food can truly trigger  memories and set ambiance. When coupled with cinnamon, the smell of apples makes people think of all things related to fall. Hayrides and pumpkins. Corn stalks and jackets. Likewise the smell of strawberries means summer and freshness. Picnics and “porch settin’.” Freshly churned ice cream. Makes you want to run through the sprinkler in your bathing suit, doesn’t it?

Overflowing with Strawberries-a Great Predicament

Although nothing, absolutely nothing, beats fresh strawberries “au naturel,” it’s still fun perusing recipes for strawberries. Not to mention the fact that after you pick enough for an army, and freeze enough for a small town, you need some ideas! Because when it comes to picking strawberries, or buying them, we don’t know when to stop. 

Breakfast and Coffee Break

Fresh yogurt parfaits

Breakfast parfaits

Yogurt parfaits are a must during strawberry season (or long afterwards using your frozen ones.) And we love fresh fruit on waffles. But for a change up our breakfast enrollitos will start your day off with that I’m-staying-at-a-five-star-hotel-but-it’s-really-my-home feeling. Don’t be intimidated. It’s like making fancy rolled up french toast. Because let’s face it rolled foods are just incredible. If you don’t believe me save this article to read later.                                                                    At ten o’clock (or anytime for that matter) nothing can top a cup of coffee or tea with a slice of strawberry coffee cake. This one is truly old fashioned deliciousness.

Summer Salad

For lunch try adding strawberries to your summer salads. Once again, berries in my salad means summertime is here! Our Spinach Strawberry salad is the best. Or at least we think so. Find it here.

Snack Time

Our children can’t resist chocolate dipped strawberries and frankly, neither can I. We enjoy the process as much as the product. Well, almost. And we also like them dipped in yogurt. (Tip: put yogurt in freezer for a few minutes to thicken before dipping) Both of these treats can be individually frozen for fancy snacking. And homemade strawberry purée popsicles are one of life’s simple pleasure at its finest.

Strawberry pops

Homemade strawberry popsicles



But What We’re Really Waiting For…

We all like to pretend that our fondness for the luscious red fruit is merely because we are so health minded. But the truth is -we  wait expectantly for strawberry desserts to make their appearance each summer. And because we wouldn’t want to disappoint you, we have a selection that will meet your approval. You will find everyone’s family favorite, Strawberry Cream Dessert here. The epitome of summer! Or wanting more elegance? Make this lovely rolade. Feeling like Paris? Go for this white chocolate strawberry crêpe  or our very own cream puffs. (if you’re feeling extra French, call it a profiterole and eat it outside, cafe style. After all – it’s summer n’est pas?

Welcome strawberries. Welcome summer.