Valentine’s Day Entertaining at All Levels

Valentine’s Day entertaining can be as simple as a rose on the table at breakfast, or as elegant as a haute cuisine couples’ dinner party. It’s easy to make the day stand out with small creative touches or grand splurges.

Valentine's Day eggs
“My heart belongs to you” breakfast

You can make the holiday silly, cute, romantic, or elegant. The idea is to show that you care. That your friends, parents, co-workers, neighbors, children, husband, wife, or sweetheart is important to you. It’s a day set apart to tell people that they add value and dimension to your life. And to celebrate that fact!

Breakfast Beginnings

Valentine’s Day can begin right at your breakfast table.  Heart shaped pancakes for your daughter and her friend who slept over will delight them both. Or serve heart shaped biscuits with strawberry jam for you and your favorite person. No time for biscuits in the morning? Then wait til later and mix them up for supper. We love them with maple syrup. Finally, we like to place a heart shaped cookie cutter on our griddle and break an egg in it for heart shaped fried eggs. Because love is in the air. Or in the skillet!

Heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes
Breakfast in bed anyone?

Want to go all out at the beginning of the day? Delight someone with breakfast in bed. Our Nature’s Yoke chef enjoyed her daughter’s breakfast in bed Mother’s Day surprise so much that she made this video. It included heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes on a lovely tray. Sure, it was for Mother’s Day, but wouldn’t it be a great surprise for someone you love. Valentine’s Day Entertaining on a tray. Who wouldn’t be completely won over by that!

Valentine’s Day Entertaining in a Box…… A Lunch Box That Is

Valentine’s Day entertaining can reach into lunch boxes. Any sandwich looks festive cut into the shape of a heart. Use ham spread or egg salad recipes found on our site or take a look at these five great tea sandwich ideas.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean candy. Healthy side dishes can be cut into heart shapes. Try  it with beets or kiwi. Or just include splashes of red with strawberries, cherries, beet eggs, or tomatoes. If you have holiday paper goods (please use earth friendly) or any red or pink reusables, make sure to tuck those into a lunchbox. Whatever you pack, include a loving note and an extra treat for sharing. That way they can celebrate with a friend.

Valentine’s Day Entertaining – Step It Up

Are you wanting your Valentine’s Day entertaining to be a tad more upscale? That may mean a special candlelight dinner for you and your partner, or a lovely evening with several couples. It could involve extended family, neighbors, a church group, friends from the office, or your best couple friends. Just celebrate the love.

Some years you may want an elegant dinner party at home for your own family. Maybe you want to include a grandparent who hasn’t had a Valentine’s date for many years. Everyone of every age can get in on the celebrating.

Our daughter and her husband stay home on Valentine’s evening with their children. Everyone dresses up and the table is decorated beautifully with linens and flowers. The children love eating by candlelight. They celebrate the holiday with cheese fondue using french bread, little roasted potatoes, and roasted veggies. The meal isn’t complete until the chocolate fondue. They all enjoy dipping their fondue forks with fruit or pound cake into a pot of warm chocolate. The children look forward to it every year, and feel so loved and special. The other upside? After such a marvelous Valentine’s Day party,  they have no trouble staying with a sitter the next night while their parents celebrate one day late. Alone this time. ?

Valentine's Day Entertaining
Setting the table

Ready for Five Star Entertaining?

But this year could be the year you want to pour on the glam. I don’t blame you. After all, Cupid is voting for love! Follow one of our favorite couples, Caleb and Devon, as they get ready for a few close friends…. and enjoy a little flirting as they prep. After all, it IS for Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day date

Start with a gorgeous table. It says that you took time. That the evening is special. It shows that your guests mean a lot to you. Flowers, china, crystal, and candlelight exude elegance and say “these moments are set apart from the everyday.” The extra effort says, “you deserve VIP treatment because of who you are.” It says, “ Let’s celebrate together.”

Appetizers Anyone?

Appetizers give you a chance to go simple and light, or to set the tone for the evening. Devon opted for cranberry pomegranate spritzers and our own Apple Gouda Rosettes because they are just so gorgeous. But you might prefer a creative canapé tray. Or a trio of bruschetta options. And don’t think deviled eggs are for picnics. Take them up a notch with shrimp or crab. Or five notches with caviar!

Apple Gouda Rosettes
Apple Gouda Rosettes

After all, an appetizer is an appetite teaser.  Say “appetite teaser” fast enough and you’ll hear it. You’re just teasing your guests about the feast to come. Or rather the feast to continue, because if you’re like me, you look forward to those hors d’oeurves as much as the entrée.

Main Course

Valentine's Pot Pie
Love You Pot Pie
Chicken Florentine Crepe
Chicken Florentine Crépe

Valentine’s Day entertaining involves choosing your main dish. In the past we have offered several elegant options like our Love You Pot Pies This year, however, our Nature’s Yoke chef came up with a party worthy main dish of Chicken Florentine Crepes that will wow your guests.

What you serve is not the deal breaker. (Though I have to admit, I’d be thrilled if someone fixed these dishes for me, would’t you?) It’s the company and the atmosphere that count. The message that you are after is: “You matter to me. You are important in my life.”

End the Evening on a Sweet Tone

Valentine’s Day entertaining calls for something sweet. Forget the chalky little hearts with messages or the boxes of candy that you have to pick through to find the one you want. (You know the drill: take a bite, throw that one out, taste another, etc.) Instead, Caleb and Devon “gifted” their guests with our showstopping Valentine Meringue. Maybe you should do the same.

Ready for Guests
Ready for guests
Valentine meringue
Valentine Meringue

Make It Happen

This Valentine’s Day – show someone you care. Let someone know you appreciate them. In a lavish way or a simple way. It’s all about gratitude. And while you’re at it, love the earth too! How?

We found these great heart confetti pieces to scatter on your table, or even around your welcome mat. After the party you put them outside or in a pot under a light layer of soil and beautiful wildflowers will soon spring up. So you can love your special someone and still be eco-friendly. Added bonus: you get some flowers later on when you have almost forgotten about the holiday.


We encourage you to slow down and take time to show gratitude. Tell someone, with words and actions, that they are a vital part of your life.

All of us at Nature’s Yoke wish all of YOU a Happy Valentine’s Day.